Yearbooks date back to the 1600s and have evolved dramatically ever since. There is no other better way to help remember your fellow teachers, classmates and all of the memorable events that happened during the school year than with a traditional school yearbook.
There is $0 up front costs to your school. With Sunset Yearbooks there are no deposits, no huge quantity commitments, and no left over books. Schools simple place the final order when they submit the yearbook. This helps create no waste and no extra cost for schools or PTA/PTOs.
Whether you are looking for an affordable hard cover or soft cover yearbook, we have the right solution to fit your budget. The biggest complaint about traditional yearbooks is “the yearbook costs too much!” We’ve listened loud and clear and built our yearbook pricing around today’s economy. We began “Operation Every Child can afford a yearbook” by investing in new and modern technology that helps keep yearbook cost low.
Choosing a stock cover for your yearbook is a thing of past with Sunset Yearbooks. We actually encourage schools to think outside of the box and come up with a theme or cover design that’s personalized to their school year. Our team of designers will create your cover from scratch at no additional cost. Or if you prefer, you can submit your own artwork and well format it to fit. See Custom Cover Samples.
Creating your yearbook has never been easier with our easy to use online yearbook software. Sunset Yearbooks has partnered with Lumapix, the nation’s top yearbook software company. YearbookFusion is an online web-based software package that stores your project in the cloud. The yearbook software is intended to be easy enough for a 5th grader to create a couple of custom pages in minutes. We also provide thousands of different templates, backgrounds and clipart. So every page can be as uniform or different as you like. View Demo
Sunset Yearbooks once again sets the bar by creating all the class pages for you free of charge. There is no more need to spend frustrating hours figuring out how to create the individual student portrait pages.
• Yearbook software is compatible with both PC and Mac
• Powerful book management with online page editing
• Remote PSPA database management through a web browser
• Cloud storage for group projects and image sharing
• Automated, fully editable panel creation via PSPA-index import
• Fun and easy candid pages with auto-tools, templates or from scratch
Collecting images for your yearbook has never been easier with our online app. This free downloadable app for mobile devices makes it easy for teachers or parents to help contribute images to the yearbook’s Remote Storage pool. Any picture taken on a cellphone or tablet can be submitted instantly and privately to the yearbook online database. Great for parents and teachers alike! Share the link with as many individuals as you like and never be without images from a school event ever again. See Demo.
Sunset Yearbooks strives in only offering the finest print quality using the latest print technology. All our yearbooks go through a tight color-control making them always have beautiful color. We offer both hard cover yearbooks and soft cover yearbooks. Our hard cover books are laminated with a durable film and soft cover yearbooks are U/V coated for extra durability and protection. Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to send you a free sample.
Our custom yearbooks are so affordable that even if a school wishes to add $1.00 to $5.00 per book for fundraising, the yearbooks will still be affordable. This is great for outdoor science camp, new books or computers, or for any activity needing extra funding.
Many other yearbook companies require your yearbook to be finished as early as March and sometimes even late February. Sunset Yearbooks uses the latest in online software technology and digital printing that allows us to dramatically speed up the yearbook printing processing time. Once your book is ready and the proof has been approved, we can have them printed and shipped to your school in as little as 4 weeks or less.

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